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Artist’s Statement

The most important element in my painting is colour.

My love of colour leads me to paint floral themes in impressionistic style and paintings of abstracts. Both subjects allow me to use all the colours my vision of the work requires. I am told I am a colourist by instinct, laying down colour unaware of any format and it works in complementary style. Texture and contrast contribute importantly. I utilize them to further enhance the perception of the colour. The end result is a painting of uplifting interest, giving the audience something new to discover with each viewing.

My paintings are an expression of self, I paint what I feel not what I see therefore this has produced a unique style, easily recognized as my own.

I do not work with any message in mind other than to convey a feeling of enjoyment and well being to the viewer, a celebration of life. It is my opinion that is a message most welcomed today.



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