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About the Artist
Joanne Currah is an Oakville based Canadian artist who has studied many art forms including sculpture and interior design. In 1980, she began private studies in watercolour painting with a Britush tutor and subsequently, attended Sheridan College and later studied and painted with many accomplished artists.

Style and Focus
Joanne utilizes mixed media in a spontaneous manner producing uplifting work, which tends to be impressionist/expressionist to abstract. With a strong emphasis on colour, her subjects are varied. Joanne’s work is easily recognized by her use of those vibrant colours and avant-garde textures in this contemporary approach. Her on going studies result in an ever-changing body of work however the strong use of colour remains constant.

A Global Following
Joanne has achieved global recognition as collectors from all over the world have commissioned her works. Her paintings can be found in corporate and private collections throughout Canada, the United States, South America, Japan and Europe.

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