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These paintings have been created in a unique technique developed by Joanne Currah.

As in all my paintings I use only the best quality materials for longevity.

These works are an acrylic base, with glass added to the background and accents of 22 karat gold leaf, silver leaf or a combination of both all is worked on 100% rag watercolour paper made in France.You will find that the mediums used will cause the painting to change constantly as the environmental lighting changes. In very dim lighting the gold and/or silver becomes extremely bright while the background will appear rich and deep. In bright light the glass will shimmer and give an illusion of depth and richness to the colours. Every time you view this artwork you should see something new that you never noticed before.

The paintings are framed with archival matting and backing and the outer mat is suede. The frames are Italian, a wood frame with  brushed gold leaf finish.




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